Why Get A Wedding Video?

As a general rule of thumb wedding couples, given a choice, will opt for a wedding photographer over a wedding videographer. There are a number of obvious reasons for this. Firstly, photographers capture several dozen stunning images of you on your big day. Secondly, you get a beautiful album to leave out on your coffee table. Thirdly, you can decorate your home with the images of the most imporatnt day of your life. Finally, on a cold and bleak Irish winters day 10 years after your wedding day pulling out your album can instantly bring a warm happy feeling as you reminisce about the happiest day of your life spent with family and friends. I would argue that a well shot cinematic wedding film can repliacte all of these, with the obvious exception of hanging it on your wall. I would also argue that on the final point a wedding videos emtional content can surpass that of wedding photographs. Video brings these precious wedding day memories back to life like it was yesterday. I know when I had my wedding 10 years ago we got a wedding video and watched it a few times after it arrived. It then spent several years gathering dust on a shelf. A couple of years ago we brought it out to show our five year old son and he loved it. Surrisingly, wy wife & I found them to be very emtionally stirring. I don't think it is something we will watch regularly but every couple of years it will be put in the DVD player and once again the memories of that special day will come flooding back. 

Will A Wedding Video Be Obtrusive ?

We would say no. The feedback we often get from wedding couples is that they hardly noticed us and are surpised by this. Ask some friends or family that used a wedding videographer for their wedding and they should tell you the same. If a wedding videographer is dictating your actions and generally getting in the way we would suggest that he/she clearly wants to be a film director instead of a wedding videographer. 

How Do We Interact With The Photographer On the Day?

We have a simple rule on this. The Wedding photographer takes priority over us for shots. A videographer poping into a photo can ruin it, a photographer coming into a video shot just looks and feels natural and in no way diminishes the video. Long story short, We have a respect and understanding of the official photographer's requirements which is essential to make sure the couple are best served on the day without shots being unnecessarily spoiled.

Should We Take Up Offer From Friend to Film Our Wedding?

If he/she has the right equipment and knows how to use it by all means. If not we would advise against it. We have cameras and lenses worth several thousand euro, equipment like lav mics, glidecams, sliders, tripods and monopods. We use a custom made high end computer to deal with the highly intensive video editing process. As well as in depth knowledge of colour grading and grain overlay techniques.

How Long Before We Receive Our Wedding Film?

Editing a wedding film is a time consuming affair and can take between 8-20 weeks depending on the time of the year.

How Can We Book Aisling Productions For Our wedding Day?

You can book us by paying a €200 deposit to secure your desired date with balance due up to the day of the wedding. This can be paid by Paypal, Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer, Bank Draft or Postal Order or card. Let us know which option suits and we can forward on the details.