Taylor Swift Not A Bad Wedding Singer To Perform At Your Wedding

A Real Classy Gesture By Miss Swift.

Taylor Swift didn't let her break up with Calvin Harris get in the way of making a dream come true for one New Jersey couple.

The 26-year-old Grammy winner surprised bride and groom Kenya Smith and Max Smith by showing up at their wedding and performing an acoustic version of her 2014 hit, The popular wedding song 'Blank Space.' Wedding guests, along with the newlyweds, were completely shocked -- but it turns out the elaborate ruse was all orchestrated by Max's sister, Ali. "As it was happening, I just looked at [Ali] and she had that smile like she knew what was going on," Max told Access Hollywood. "And I clearly didn't, so I knew she had something to do with it." In April, Ali wrote Swift a letter, explaining that their mother had recently passed away and that Max went ahead and married Kenya in the hospital so that his mom wouldn't miss it. Now grab your Kleenex, because Max and his mom's first dance was to 'Blank Space.'

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