Things To Consider When Getting Married Abroad

Getting hitched abroad is the dream for many couples. The idyllic white sandy beach, the beautiful church overlooking a bright blue ocean, the warm sun and making you glow just that little bit more on your big day. There are many things to consider before booking the dream wedding abroad.

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1. Legal

Make sure you can legally marry in the country of your choice. For example you can only get married in France if one of the couple is a French citizen.

2. Church Times

Unlike here where the church ceremony is concluded by 2pm abroad it can often by 6pm before the ceremony begins. If there are going to be alot of young kids or elderly guests it is worth keeping this in mind.

3. Suits

If it is going to be a hot don't dress groom and groomsmen in three piece suits. Light and airy suits are the only way if you don't want them passing out from heat exhaustion.

4. Church Dress Code

Some churches abroad can have a stricter dress code than here in Ireland. Priests have been known to refuse entry to people with dresses they deem to short, tops that are too low cut or even if shoulders are exposed the insist on a shawl/scarf to cover up with.

5. Venue Music

DJ's and bands at Irish Weddings often go on until 2-3 AM, however it will be worth checking with your venue what time the music ends at. Particularly in light of traditionally later wedding starts where the reception might only start at 8-9 PM with party finishing up at midnight.

6. Beach Wedding

If you are going for a beach wedding ensure that you hire a private beach. You don't want some randomer in undersized Speedo's to be in the background ruining your wedding photos or wedding video.

7. Wedding Planner

The most important thing of all is to hire a wedding planner. Even if you are fluent in the native tongue you will not known the ins and outs of a wedding abroad. A wedding planner will have contacts with reputable caterers, hotels, bars, restaurants, wedding videographers & photographers etc. We recommend checking out Heffernan Travel Weddings Abroad who offer all in one packages.

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