Color Graded Wedding Videos To Match Your Style

The days of having a camcorder with basic audio and a tripod to film a couple's wedding is thankfully becoming a thing of the past. This example of how bad a wedding video can be is on the extreme side but it goes to show how bad things can be if videographers are not using the right equipment.

At Wedding Videos Ireland we take great pride in our work and equipment. However a cinematic wedding video that might be to one persons liking might not be to the taste of everyone. With this in mind we provide a number of options soon after the wedding giving you several different film looks to go for.

We use a short clip and apply different color grade styles to it, which allows you a more meaningful input into the final cut of your wedding video. Simply pick out the style you like most and we apply that look to the rest of your wedding video. Check out the Example below and make sure to watch in 1080HD Setting.

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