Silent Disco- A Great Way to Extend Your Wedding Celebrations

I recently attended a wedding where the DJ was doing a silent disco. I had seen something similar at Electric Picnic, some years early, and it was something fun and a little different from the norm. So I was looking forward to seeing how it would pan out at a wedding.

Silent Wedding Dj's

Basically up to 100 wireless headphones were handed out to guests after the wedding band had finished up. The DJ then proceeded to play 3 different tracks at the same time to different headphones. For example at one stage he was playing AC/DC "Thunderstruck", Andrew Bocelli "Time to Say Goodbye" & Pharrell Williams "Happy" at the same time.

For the onlookers it was hilarious to watch a group of people go mad to Thunderstruck whilst at the same time seeing people swaying gently to the dulcet tones of Bocelli. Almost a perfect disharmony if you like.

It was at 3AM when I looked at my watch and wondered why the bar was still serving at full tilt? Turns out that as there is no music blaring that the hotel were able to serve up to 4AM.

So silent discos may or may not be to your liking but they are certainly different & fun.

And if you your are a stay up until sunrise partying type to could very well be the perfect ending to your big day.

Check out Silent Wedding DJ's to learn more about this unique experience.

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