4 Gifts Your Groomsmen Will Actually Like

Planning a wedding may feel akin to grabbing handfuls of money and throwing it all from a great height shouting dramatically, “Take me, take me for everything I’ve got!”

Part of this is making an allowance in your budget for gifts for your groomsmen. Generally small(ish) and sentimental, these tokens are a lovely way to show your best lads what they mean to you.

And so, because choosing a groomsman gift that’s not cheesy – or crap – is actually harder than you might think, we’ve compiled an edit of cool, affordable stuff they’ll actually like:

1: Cork City Paintings

You have probably spent many a night with your best man sitting on the fountain, eating a Hillbillies and talking crap. What better way to remember those boozy male bonding nights than with a painting from artist Chris McMorrow showing Cork in all its glory. Prices start at €45.

2: Engraved Hip Flask

Does your best man like going to soccer, GAA, rugby games in the depths of Winter. As he is freezing his nuts off in Musgrave Park on a Friday what better way to warm up than with a sip of Midelton Rare. These beautiful hip flasks are something that he will always have and remember you for. These can be

3: Midelton Very Rare Whiskey

Following on from the hip flask idea why not consider a bottle of Midelton Very Rare Whiskey. A whiskey so good that any bar worth its salt will not serve it with ice or a mixer. It is a little bit pricey at €155 but hopefully lots of those glasses of this sweet nectar will be shared with you.

4: Straight Razor

If your best man is a borderline gorilla who is sporting a 5 O'Clock shadow by 11AM this maybe the perfect gift for them. This razor can be purchased at Manlystuff.ie for €90. Word of warning though these razors are protected like your Gillette Fusion Blades. It will take a little practice and a few nicks along the way but once you master it you won't get a better shave. It might be watching this video from Art Of Manliness before starting to avoid a trip to the A&E.

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