Recording Church & Reception From Your Wedding

I am often asked by couples if I can record the singers/musicians from the Church or back at the reception and add the music to the wedding film.

The answer is yes but with a few caveats.

The first being that you need to tell me in advance of the wedding if you want to record the musicians.

Secondly, I will need you to get permission from the musician to do so. You must remember that a church and reception are not ideal recording conditions. Big echoy churches and crowded noisy reception rooms don't make for great sound quality and because of this many musicians don't want this poor sound environment to be a reflection of their abilities.

Microphones work differently to the human ear. The ear can tune in to what it wants to hear. So for example in the church you could tune into the music with your ear and then half way through start talking to the person next to you and ignore the music.

A microphone on the other hand cannot tune into sound this way. Instead it picks up any sounds that are in its direction. So someone coughing, sneezing, a baby crying and a overall poor sound environment add to a lack of quality from the singers or musicians.

If I am recording a musician I will set up some recorders around them before the ceremony begins but as I am filming the ceremony from then on I will not be able to monitor the recording quality, db levels etc. Usually I find the quality good but as I said earlier in the piece it can be subject to background noise so it may not be suitable to put on your wedding film for song choices.

If capturing the best quality audio from the musicians is of vital importance you can hire a sound engineer who is specialised in getting the best quality possible on the day. I can recommend some but you could also hire you own and if they then send me the audio files I can work them into the wedding film. Just remember they don't come cheap.

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