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Image by Nick Karvounis

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use lighting equipment during the ceremony or speeches?

It depends on the environment, we nearly always shoot all natural light, all day. During the ceremony, we typically go with the lighting that is available so as not to interrupt the ceremony or their lighting. For the reception, If there isn’t adequate lighting during speeches we use small non-intrusive lights to add nice ambient lighting so that it is lit perfectly but deosn’t effect the mood or ambience. 

Do you use large gimbals or camera equipment that looks invasive?

No, we shoot mostly handheld, with monopods and sometimes tripods. We love the natural feel on film and we like to be able to move quickly and elegantly!

Do you shoot with drones?

Yes, we love to shoot with drones, where permitted. Each local area has their own rules with regards to flying so we would need to look into that first.

Is every film the same length?

No, it all depends on the hours of coverage and events captured and what kind of film you are looking for.

How will you deliver our film?

If you are going with the Gold Package or the Ceremony package we we deliver online. Once you receive the link you can stream/download/share your wedding film as much as you want.

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